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the White Stone
page 15
So let it be said. Jesus is my Lord.
How do we connect a true path of awareness with the power and majesty of
our Lord?
Christian teaching, for all its past wisdom, does not have a path of true
meditation for me. Where awareness and responsibility is with the individual.
It cannot take me where I want to go. To be present in the Truth of life and
I love the Church, the buildings and the teachings. This is the God of my
Ancestors. But I cannot see that it is alive enough to stand up to this chaos
(Babel) that we live in. It is from a simpler and more innocent age. We need
something that is more energetic.
This practice of the Name Jesus is something real. In the Truth of absolute
‘awareness’ there is no differentiation. Does Jesus need the Dzogchen
teaching? No. Jesus is in need of nothing. He is immaculate and complete and
has always been. Do I have any qualification to spread teaching of any kind?
No. Also I am bound by promises. So the only way it can work is that this
practice is entirely of its own right.
So may it be so.
My only ability is to write it down and try as much as anyone to understand,
some of which I do.


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