the White Stone - Page 150

the White Stone
page 150
irst we sit in our place. We remember that we are self
contained within the awareness that we have learnt and our
We are standing at the gate and we offer up to our God. We offer what
we have learned. We offer up our present and immediate experience in
Awareness. Everything that is around us. All that we see and touch. All our
sensation and emotion. We offer all of this, our whole dimension, to that
which is Great. In this way that which is Great can be in His and Her
Creation. Offered by our free will. This is our praise. This is our greatest
We offer everything. One heart. And yet something remains. That we know
that this is what we are doing. We are present in this. It is the greatest
paradox. We are totally immersed in the sea of Creation and yet our sense
of self, our consciousness, remains.
With the inbreath and in full consciousness I raise up the first
syllable of the Name of God ………..YAH…… which without
interruption turns around on the outbreath with the following
syllable….WEH…. and so continues in immaculate presence.


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