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the White Stone
page 151
There needs to be some clarification at this point.
JEHOVAH and the tetragrammaton YHWH. God does not have two names. It
just doesn’t work like that.
When we refer to that which is Almighty, the Greatness, we use the Name
JEHOVAH. We can use this Name on our breath too, in the same
way. It is equally valid. We can use it for long and slow breaths. Like this:
Inbreath ….JE …… hold…. HO…. outbreath ….VAH…./
The tetragrammaton , written YHWH and imagined on our beach with the
secret vowels included is created in our minds as YAHWEH.
This (YHWH) is the inner Name of Jehovah. It is essentially the SECRET
NAME. That should not be pronounced outside ourselves. Silent. It was always
meant to be like that. We practice this as a secret practice on our breath. Nor do
we talk about it. Of course it is out there in common knowledge. But now we
know. We respect this because this is a thing of Power. We guard it.
So Jehovah to refer to, and YHWH to use as our devotion.
We might like to remember how it started. We walked into a direct experience of
naked awareness with the Name of Jesus. The first book of the White Stone laid
the ground. We continued in this practice and had some belief in it. That was
our pathway. It brought us to the gateway of that which is real. This is the
completion. We arrive at the place of what is Real.
This is direct and unadorned.


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