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the White Stone
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There are some important points that need to be explained around this
The first consideration is this: that the starting point of this practice assumes
that the sitter can be in a state of Awareness. That it is stable and integrated. In
this sense this is an ‘advanced’ so called meditation practice. ‘Meditation’ at this
stage has no meaning at all. If someone reads this and does not understand this
they should probably leave it alone.
With this ground of an established ‘state of awareness’ we consider that which
is not of our generation. From our usual practice we will be familiar with the
movement of our mind and the arising of experiences. Such as lights and
dissolution, the hiss of presence, calm state, slowed breathing and so on. This
should all be familiar. No further description should be necessary. We use these
experiences as pathways and indications of our inner state of awareness. We
enjoy them too. They can be ecstatic.
In this practice our activity is very different. What we are engaging in ‘what is
not of ourselves’ (not self generated). We are looking beyond this, something
that is not of ‘us’. In this practice the arising of lights and dissolution and so on
will lead us away from our point of concentration. They are now a distraction.
So we constantly need to neutralize this ‘arising’ and pull it back into our present
body. We can do this by constantly look around our room, focusing at different
places. Fixing at locations. We do not allow ourselves to ‘space out’. We are
absolutely present in the place where we are. We do not close our eyes. This
turning our eyes around our place keeps us fixed. Anchored. Where we are. We
breathe calmly and naturally and use the Name on our breath.


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