the White Stone - Page 154

the White Stone
page 154
A great many years ago when I was living in South Devon I went down to a
beach there, climbing down a steep cliff on a warm summer day and I sat down
on the shingle and started to do some meditation. I don’t know why I went to
that particular beach. I just remember it was hard to get to and there was no way
anyone else would be there. I was at this point an early Dzogchen student.
Anyway I am sat here doing my probably rather shaky contemplation when I
suddenly thrust my hand down to the ground and picked up a stone. Just one
stone among millions. It was a beautiful stone. It was blue grey with delicate
markings and smooth and a perfect oval shape. I kept this stone for many years
and eventually I lost it. I used to keep it in my pocket all the time. As a talisman.
I don’t know how it got lost and I still feel sad about that. It was different to the
white stones of now.


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