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the White Stone
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Anyway. For the next three nights I dreamt about that stone. One night my
teacher, Namkhai Norbu, came to me in a dream and said you need to put the
stone on top of your head when you do your meditation. I woke up straight away
feeling frustrated that I didn’t get a full set of instructions about what to do and
what the principle was.
A few months later I was in Italy at a retreat and I went upstairs to find him. In
those days it was more or less possible just to walk in. So there he was. I showed
him the stone and tried to explain what had happened and honestly he kind of
listened and looked at me and then he said ‘yes its a nice stone’ and was kind and
so I just left after a while. I suppose I had a kind of naive hope that since he
apparently visited me in a dream and was pointing at a new kind of meditation
practice then he might have some recollection of the event. So I just don’t know.
This is quite a crazy funny story really.
Now I am thinking about this and the white stone and now I see the maturation
of this event. Now in this practice. It kind of makes sense.
When we sit down to do this practice, specifically this practice, then put a small
white stone on the crown of your head. Just where that little indentation is. At the
top of our head. Obviously we will be sitting upright. It will have enough weight
so we can feel it there. Using the stone here gives a sense of direction for our


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