the White Stone - Page 156

the White Stone
page 156
So, sat like this, conscious and awake in our rightful understanding which is
different to our state of so called ‘meditation’, we look to make a direct
relationship with what is Real. We may allow this to come to us or we can go to
meet it or a bit of both. We have also, all being well, worked to create some small
relationship with a Superior Being who is this Actuality. In this case our Mentor
and Guide. Lord Jesus. As Absolute.
We put the stone on your head (*24) and recite the Name of God on our breath.
NOTE (*24)This place at the top of the head is traditionally an opening and
advantageous gateway through which our consciousness can leave our body at the
time of death. In the Phowa practice, also called ‘the Great Transference’, a yogi
practices compressing their awareness in order to project it along the central
energy channel and out of a small opening at the top of their head at the time of
Traditionally there are signs of this after the actual event, like a small opening,
some broken bone or a spot of blood. Babies have a small soft spot here too
which gets covered up with bone as they get older, effectively sealing this gateway.


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