the White Stone - Page 157

the White Stone
page 157
So now, we have reached the place.
Whatever practice we chose to bring us closer, what stays with us is the great
It is absolutely pure. It is un matched in all the world.
May my Desire be like the wind. Never resting.
May my longing be the rhythm of poetry, tender and full of promise.
If I walk ten paces,
I pray my Lord will walk a hundred to meet me.
Because He is stronger than I am and I am tired.
Life has worn me down.
When I get there
I will rest.
There will be an end.
For now, I’ll just keep chasing rainbows.
Nothing works.
I have learned that now.
Nothing works except for my longing.
My Desire to be with that which is. For ever.
Thats the juice. Thats what works. That is the practice. That is the
meditation. Mark it clearly.
There are beautiful things and clever things.
There are swirling apparitions. But my Desire sees through all these illusions.
My Desire is like a restless fire.
It will only burn out at the feet of the Almighty.
This is my only Revelation.


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