the White Stone - Page 158

the White Stone
page 158
My Desire informs me like a battlefield.
This is what I learnt today. There’s a crazy fool sat on a cushion somewhere with
a little white stone resting on the top of his head.
We do what we do at the kindness of Lord Jesus and the strength of Jehovah.
We learn a way. We find awareness. Really. We find a sense of our relationship
with all that is around us. We get some fierce wisdom too and we get some
We sieve through the gravel and the stones and we find gold.
All the scriptures, all the techniques of meditation, all of everything is informed
by our desire to be with the Greatness in mind, body and Spirit.
That is the real practice.
We are born at some distant shore and we struggle to find our way home. We
become ourselves as we travel. But in the middle of it all, this joy and pain and
suffering, there is only one thing that drives us. It is our desire to return to our
Creator. That is the practice.


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