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the White Stone
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The Word of God
Means here not the Bible, which a great number of people of course believe to
be true, but here we use it as the principle that manifests all Creation and
Dissolution, that which we call Life. What is the Word of God that can not be
From the Axis of Creation the breath of God arises and by subtile condensation
becomes light and sound, the five elements and colour, all becoming gradually
more substantial and solid until we have all the dimensions of Life. This is a
reversible process. Our consciousness and all of Creation is continuously alive
and sustained by Grace of the Almighty.
What is the Word of God that is too great that we cannot speak it?
We can not understand it with our finite mind. And yet. The Word may become
Name in the process of manifestation, so subtile that it will hardly even touch
the sides of our being, yet in such a form that we may perhaps recognize it. A
sound, a name. Formerly perhaps YHWH, Yahweh, something that we can
pronounce easily which is close to our breath and then in our age, JESUS , also
Iesus also Yahushua according to the tradition and language that we know (*4).


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