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the White Stone
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AN CALA the safe place
The image of the safe harbour is one of a ship coming into a wide bay with still
water. It could be a Viking longship returning from a voyage but the point is one
of reaching home. In the way that the walls of the bay will protect the ship from
the worst of the winter storms then so too will our house or home, it is a place
where we can go in and relax our vigilance a little and feel safe. The way that we
build our house is like a harbour. It has walls and a door through which we go
out into the world. We are also simultaneously able to restrict what comes in to
our house. We extend invitations only to those we trust and who have respect.
We may also mark the boundaries with spells to ward off bad spirits and ill
fortune. The image is also like a small candle shielded by our hands from the
wind. We protect the flame but do not close off the light completely as their
would be no illumination. Then within the walls of our house we have a deeper
harbour, probably a room where we would not invite visitors, our own sanctuary.
It could be our bedroom, where we dream. Then the fourth level of harbour as
we rest within our safe place is inside ourselves. It is the light and still point
within ourselves enclosed within the safety of our body. We restrict what comes
in and if we are wise we are careful with what goes out. This inner place where
our own light burns is our own secret place, the place where we build our stone
from the essence of our breath, the foundation and core of our being.
From the iTaro pack, a piece about the harbour (Gaelic. An Cala).


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