the White Stone - Page 164

the White Stone
page 164
Prince Michael of the mountain (*25)
(Kevin de Las Casas / Media Hebrides)
was an angel of the Lord beside,
He’s got the shield of hope and the
sword of truth
and he came down from the skies,
he came down from the skies.
He said ”all your dreams like silver,
all your hopes like gold,
were gonna bury them here at the
side of the road
and wont come back no more,
no we wont come back no more.”
His ears were torn in battle,
his face was worn with care,
but I would have him as my
if I travelled anywhere,
if I travelled anywhere.
They fell like corn at the harvest,
for many their river run dry,
now we’re waiting down here at the
ferry boat inn,
for the rising tide....
we are waiting for the rising tide.
We walked out in the sunshine,
as bright as any day,
I turned around to Michael said...
“ Michael what you got to say?”
“ Michael what you got to say?”
Stay with me now Lord Michael,
I need you here by my side,
it might be for one, it might be for
it might be for a thousand miles,
it might be for a thousand miles.
The Warrior Angel Michael. We want Him on and by our side. Here it is like Arjuna and
Lord Krishna * on the battle field (we walked out). We commit ourselves beyond hope
and fear. We are all going to die, some of us in this great battle. Many fall (like corn at the
harvest) and so they wait to cross to the other side on the rising tide. (*Bhagavad Ghita)


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