the White Stone - Page 17

the White Stone
page 17
* NOTES. (*4)The Name Jesus. We know that the name Jesus, i.e the anglicized
use of his name, is different from his actual and Hebrew or Aramaic name.
Yahushua, Yeshu’a, Jehoshu’a (Joshua), Greek spelling Iesous through Latin ,
Iesus to English spelling Jesus. There is fair amount written on this. So why use
the name ‘Jesus’ in this practice. There is no simple answer here except to chose
the name that we would like to remember Him by. The Name that connects Him
with us and works for the individual.
* Also the Name of God that we use rides simply and evenly on the inbreath and
outbreath. For example, Yah......Weh, and Jee ...Sus.


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