the White Stone - Page 171

the White Stone
page 171
Imagine now a Great King seated in a great wooden hall. Tall high ceilings, flags
and banners. There is a huge Medieval banquet spread across many long tables. A
number of years ago he has made this promise, this commitment, that the young
people of his kingdom should be exiled for a set time (maybe 10 years) and that
they must go to learn. Specifically to find new knowledge. To go both near and
far, to all the ends of the Earth. But on this one condition. They absolutely must
return home on a special set date. And with them new Wisdom. Why? Simply
this. To bring new life and new understandings to His country which has now
become barren. There is no fertility, no blossom in the trees, the ground and
minds of his people are slowly failing. There is sickness and all is becoming grey.
Right now is the time and date for that return.
But the race with the wind, the chase with the fire,
will bring them back, once again....
from far too far from the madding crowd.
Some got lost in paradise, some fell to rack and rain,
some forgot the promise that they made...
that would bring them back again.
Others eating stones in the desert, like beggars in the dust,
pretending to be blind... with their hands before their eyes.
Some will come back. Some, for whatever reason, just wont.
A number are caught, trapped like lotus eaters in some foreign place. They are seduced
and have fallen into dreamy sleep. Some have lost their lives. Others have just forgotten.
Some are eating stones for food. They have become frozen in vain belief. In a place
where there is no satisfaction. There's no blame here really. It was always going to be
like this.


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