the White Stone - Page 173

the White Stone
page 173
Waking up to find a big fall of snow, a man set out to clear the path from his
house. His resolution was to move one shovelful of snow a day and in this way,
come Summer, all the snow would be gone.
This is Kev's Koan.
There are 3, maybe 4 levels.
What is your understanding?
I’ve done a bit of time at the coalface of Zen. I’ve written one haiku too. I have
been to the centre of one proper Zen Koan. How do you know? Because when
you do you just know it. It is incontestable. It’s like a ton of bricks falling on top
of your head and the sky opening out. It’s shocking and amazing all at the same
time. And funny too. I was outside painting a wall with white paint and I was
giving it my attention (the koan). All of a sudden it just fell away and there it
was. So simple and obvious and clear. There it was.


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