the White Stone - Page 188

the White Stone
page 188
Cornwall. 25 December 2019
What follows here only works in relation to what is written before. This means
that it shouldn’t be taken out of context. The essential points are presented here
in a pithy kind of way.
Jesus is THE WAY to the Almighty. By 'the Way' it means the pathway.
Our destination is to be in the presence of THAT WHICH IS GREAT. We
offer our praise and love and appreciation.
Our motivation will include compassion for all sentient beings.
This process of awareness and development takes us to the
edge of that land. In the process we develop some of the skills and
attitudes that can protect us in the face of the GREATNESS. It is
also true that without preparation we will feint into unconsciousness.
We follow our own judgement at all times.
That which is considered to be real in our world is not as it seems. Only what is
REAL is real.
What we consider to be real is a part of what is REAL. What is REAL can only
be imagined from our relative reality.
What is REAL can be considered as Absolute and without limits.


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