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the White Stone
page 189
It is possible for us to be in the middle of what is Absolute like a dewdrop of
purified presence, surrounded by the rainbow shell of our own individuality.
The True process of so called 'meditation' should take us directly to a present
understanding of what is Real in both life and death.
The real path of 'meditation' is a great preparation for the moment of dying.
In death it is likely we will come before the Great light of absolute Reality. If we
are not able to recognize this as our true nature we will fall into unconsciousness.
The process of falling asleep is a bit like this. It is like a mini death. In 'sleep' we
return temporarily to the place of regeneration.
We may certainly have an experience of 'non dual' awareness which is a direct
introduction to real and present 'Awareness'. We will be aware and at the same
time present in this ‘Awareness’. We will be effectively 'aware that we are aware'.
If we have this experience we can continue to establish it and make it more
We will need to let go of some of our limitations. Our process, which is not
limited or dependent, is directed entirely by our own capacity and wisdom. We
are entirely responsible. There is no recourse to blame. There is no instruction
greater than our own heart.
It is an immaculate process where the protection is built in (intrinsic).
We are protected by our ignorance to some extent. We walk this path by our own
conscious decision with our own entire personal responsibility. Unless we are
reckless our pathway is self regulated. This does not mean that it will not
sometimes be challenging.


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