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the White Stone
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At this point I believe it is important to talk about the central part that our breath
gives to our meditation.Our inbreath and our outbreath come to us by the Grace of
the Almighty. All of our human existence continues by the power of our breathing.
When we stop breathing we lose our hold (tenure) in the human world. End.
This simple meditation, where we become present in the movement of our breath
leads us into the Word of God. It is the single most powerful meditation practice
that exists. It is the nearest point to our God however we imagine Him to be. It is
often considered a starter meditation. That is absurd. There is nothing simpler,
more direct, more potent than this. It is the ROOT of all meditation. All mantras,
all devotion, all ritual, all communication, all religion, all dogma, all teachings, all
mental processes have as their fundamental this power of our breathing. It is the
single most potent practice of all.
With the Name of Jesus it increases a thousand times.
Why would Great Truth be anything other than easy to reach? If it was any other
way then only certain types of people could find it or be able to use it. Truth has to
be absolutely available for us to use in our life. In everyone’s life. In formal ways
and as a day to day practice. Our breathing is one thing that we all have in common.
The people that Jesus taught, those that were close to the Earth, maybe without
much learning, maybe without our sophistication, could hear Him. They, the same
as us, were in the middle of life.
Here Lord Jesus Name rides upon our breath. We need to recognize this.
Who brings this? Lord Jesus brings us this teaching.


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