the White Stone - Page 195

the White Stone
page 195
The difference between where we are now and where we were when we started
is no more than the thickness of a butterfly's wing. This is a small difference and
yet it is also enormous.
Not all explanations are logical.
We need to be stable and continuous in our presence of Awareness.
At the point where we are sat at the edge of what is Great we need to maintain
our solidity at all times and be present in what is 'us'. This includes all aspects of
our sense of 'I' ness. Otherwise we will fall into a drowsy state. It is a definite
and conscious decision of will that we make. The practice here is not the same as
our learning meditation.
In our learning stage we observe what is built into us naturally (innate). Our
experiences of light and expanded awareness are within us always to a
manageable extent.


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