the White Stone - Page 199

the White Stone
page 199
e have learned from our earlier and 'directed' meditations how to
concentrate and focus on the rise and fall of our breath in Jesus
Name. We relax into this and allow our thoughts to come and go.
We are at ease. We now are able to come into a complete state of integrated
presence. We will call this a 'state of continuing presence'.
We remain in this state of presence.
If there has been no preparation and practice and if we do not understand this
'state' and do not have it actually there and real and present then this practice of
the White Stone will have no meaning at all.
When we are in this state of continuing presence we just sit. Our eyes are open.
Now there is no direction of our mind to consciousness. We just are as we are.
We do not focus on anything. We do not try. We make no effort. We do not
even pay attention to our breathing. There is no longer any ‘Name’ to our
If we like we can put a small white stone on the crown of our head.
There is nothing to do. There is only being.
And now we wait. We just sit and be and continue to be.
In humility and in reverence we wait.


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