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the White Stone
page 203
Artwork of White Stones by Fergus Granville (North Uist). As part of a 2017
Exhibition Fergus wrote: “I found a clay pot containing 11 sea-worn white quartz pebbles
in an eroding sand dune, in a Bronze/Iron age layer. White Quartz pebbles were used in
burials from Neolithic to Medieval times and are thought to have represented rebirth
and/or purity. They were usually placed in the hand or the mouth. Archaeologists
speculated that this pot and contents represented a memorial to members of the
community who died either at sea or away from the island. Therefore this piece was called
’Memorial’ and consisted of a clay pot that I made and quartz pebbles from the beach
where I found the original”.
Its interesting in the context of this book that these little white stones had significance all
that time ago.


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