the White Stone - Page 208

the White Stone
n the Dzogchen teachings there is an important teaching around ‘the
Mirror’ (melong). I’ve had quite a few teachings on this subject. The
way that we can watch and observe ourselves and the play of life
around us. As in a mirror. That the visions that we have are impartial.
They are reflections. That the mirror itself is uninvolved (dispassionate). And the
defining quality of the mirror is that it is clear (limpid) and it has the capability to
reflect (shine back).
Well I never understood it. Not at all. I could sort of get it in a theoretical way.
But I never GOT it. That said, I knew or at least sensed, that there was
something important there to be had. So I just kept on puzzling and trying. So
thats me, kind of confused (bemused) and a bit frustrated.
So today I was sat in the car and I could see high trees reflected in a window
glass right there in front of me. Quite distant. They were moving gracefully in
the wind. Its wintertime.
Then this came to me. That I could see the trees in the glass reflections but no
matter how I tried it was impossible to see the trees in a direct line of vision.
Even turning around there was no direct line of vision.


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