the White Stone - Page 209

the White Stone
So on the surface there’s nothing unusual about this at all. And yet. And Yet.
The offset is not important. The point is that what we see is a reflection.
So here is the riddle. There are two versions. Honestly, like the Koan, we have to
be in a some kind of state of awareness before this problem of reality opens up.
But if we can get it, its a jolt. Its a shocker.
Version 1:
“You cant see the mirror until you can see through it”.
Version 2:
“If you can see the mirror then you’ve got it cracked”.
Maybe this just feels like clever stuff and playing around but it directly applies to
where we are in our practice. It is about Actuality.
To restate the principle. Our pathway was and still is with Jesus. But we do not
travel forever. The path comes to an end. We arrive at the place of what is Real.
We begin to make a direct relationship with that. The fundamental for us here is
the Name YHWH. And our fundamental is true Awareness.
In so called ‘advanced’ Buddhist teaching this is the place of the ‘leap over’.
Maintaining always our conscious self, or ‘I ness’ that is established as real and
actual ‘Awareness’, we keep it solid and we jump into what is Actual and Real.
So there is something else here. This stuff all needs to be warmed up with our
own Humanity for it to work. It needs a warm engine. Not a cold engine. Thats


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