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the White Stone
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The Preliminary Practice
This is the preliminary practice for the White Stone:
With our body in a comfortable position:
We follow and listen to the sound of our own breathing in and out. For a while.
However now we shift the point that our breath comes from to an imagined internal
point in the centre of our body and being. The breath arises, expands and falls back
into this axis.
If this is difficult to do then we do it the other way around. We search within
ourselves and find the point deep within us that our breath starts from and returns
to. These two approaches, that is imagining a centre and looking within to find the
point of arising will prove to be the same. It is limitless in depth. This is the
unchanging (immutable) centre of our being.
Mostly we no doubt consider that ‘within our own head’ is the centre of our
perspectives. We look through our eyes and our brain is nearby and we define and
rationalize the information that we receive. All our senses seem to converge here. As
I sit and write this, then that is what feels familiar and normal to me. Now consider
another possibility. That the root of our consciousness is not a fixed coordinate. If
we walk barefoot and stand on a drawing pin it moves pretty quickly. Now we try
and move the centre of attention to that still point that has begun to be established
as a true centre of meditation. How would the experience of our world change from
this perspective?
We practice ‘the White Stone’ from this axis at the core of our breathing that is
revealed by the passage, still point and turning of our breath.


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