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the White Stone
There are stories in the life of Jesus that are empowered by natural mythology.
The first one of these is the turning of the year. The seasons. Winter, Summer, the
death and rebirth of the year. The return of the Sun. In stories a hero will go to the
underworld. He or She (usually He) will overcome death and return with love and
light. As human beings on Earth we are bound in this cycle. It is no coincidence that
Christmas is placed where it is. At the point where the natural year ends and is reborn.
Easter also has a relationship with a pre existing Western mythology. (Ishtar) Fertility.
The stages of the year were marked in the pre Christian era. These ancient festivals
were then swallowed up. In conversion, in preaching, a path of inclusion rather than
confrontation. So too with sacred places.
The other important story for us to understand, or so I believe, is Yom Kippur, or the
day of Atonement. In the Jewish tradition, existing back to old Testament times. Two
goats and a bull in blood sacrifice. Offered at the place of the Ark of the Covenant.
One goat and the bull to the Lord. One goat who will carry the sins of all the
community ceremoniously placed upon it . Then taken out into the wilderness to die.
The scapegoat. An offering to the demon Azazael.
I think we all need to be very careful indeed with the stories we have been told and
how they are interpreted.
I do not question the events of Jesus and His life. I do however question the
I think we have been sold the back yard.
There are great lands out there with trees and fields and oceans. Mountains and rare
birds with the colours of joy. Perfumed gardens that are flowering in the desert.
Greater than we can ever imagine. We have been contained. This is not to judge or
blame. That would in some way still binds us. Its just that I believe that the story is
way bigger than we can ever imagine.


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