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the White Stone
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To begin with we may, I suggest, feel our centre to be somewhere in the middle
of our being more or less in line with the centre of our chest. This will probably
take time to establish. It should in time feel 'real.' Something we can always find
and depend upon. It may be the place where the White Stone resides.
It may be that we are able to feel our centre to be at different energetic points in
your body. These other areas are sometimes unreachable until our ability
(capacity) has grown with practice. There will no doubt be blockages. These are
real and need to fall away or be released by our practice. With that come
moments of understanding.
Some might call these 'energy centres' or 'chakras.' It really does not matter what
they are called. If we can move the centre of our consciousness through from
the very lowest point deep within us to the very highest at the top of our head
and out into space then we would travel across the full spectrum of existence.
There would be related states of emotion and understanding. Each strata has it's
own unique perspective and interpretation of life.
In relation to our awareness not one of these different points of experience is
any more valuable than another. (*5) Neither the stars or the pit are any
different from each other. Its just easier to work with the good stuff.
By keeping the centre of consciousness more or less fixed in one general area,
which for most of us at a location more or less in our head, we seriously limit
the scope of our experience. (*6)


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