the White Stone - Page 24

the White Stone
page 24
rom the radiant sun where we walk the outer stars in the company
of angels to the darkest pit of Hell and all things in between, this is
the potential of our experience because we are human. Like this we
are created in the image of God. In the human dimension we can learn
and live to understand. This is not available to animals or ghosts. So this is
what is called a precious human birth. We need to mark this.
If we were able to develop and understand this we would have power. We
would be capable of going to the centre of life and change things by our
intention. How can faith move a mountain? Was that some kind of joke?
This is the place of true prayer. In as much as we live in and understand
the nature of manifestation and existence in a real way we have the
possibility to alter circumstances. Our prayer may come true. It may come
true also by virtue of Grace.


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