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the White Stone
page 25
The basis of miracles and the basis of magic. This is a fierce secret and we
need to pay attention. We have a choice in which direction we turn the wheel.
Mark this too. It absolutely requires and deserves our full responsibility.
Why take Lord Jesus to be our teacher and guide?
Because we need His love and goodness. This knot that we have created can
only be unwound by something that has Greatness and is free and comes
from outside of us. His compassion is endless. He is also the strength that
lives in our Western World. We are in His age and we can become a part of
His dimension because we are invited. He is our safety on the road and our
teacher. We are invited. Mark that too. We need to understand the rarity and
value of this invitation. Who else do we know of who has sent such an
There are many more reasons that we need Jesus to be at the centre of our
dimension. We have the opportunity to open out our level of experience of
life and equally challenge our own understanding of what is called real.
Sometimes we will not feel safe. We need Him as a destination for our prayers
and uncertainty. We need a safe place. Lord Jesus is a safe place. Mark this too.
For most of us, according to our ability, its a slow process. Step by step and
with care we turn our awareness around so we can feel the fresh breeze on
our faces and see the morning sun.


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