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the White Stone
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“If God spare my life, ere many years pass, I will cause a boy that driveth the plow shall know
more of the Scripture than thou dost.” William Tyndale.
The intention is that this practice of the White Stone should be as clear and
reachable as possible.
I think it has been easy for ‘esoteric’ teachings to hide away in complexity.
Maybe there is some kind of need to be in a ‘rare society’. Like Tyndale’s English
translation of the Bible where there was a wish that it could be read by everyone
in their native language, we need and hope for something better. ‘That the
plough man could understand it more than the cleric’. That would be more like
For which it cost him his life in martyrdom.
So, for what its worth, it is my hope and intention that everyone could
understand this practice of the White Stone. To this degree. That a man
standing at the bus stop in Kilmarnock (*7) on a rainy day in November would
have more real and direct understanding of Jesus than a red Cardinal seated on
gilded chair in the hushed and hallowed halls of the Vatican in Rome.
And that he would have some real and personal awareness of himself.
Not that this is easy. The simple practice is all that really matters. There are
perhaps different layers which we can understand if we want to. There are
realizations and intuitive understandings and things to discover for ourselves.
But if we want we just take this most simple practice, the practice of Jesus
Name on our breath, and just use that. Only that. That would always be enough.
NOTE (*7) Kilmarnock. There is nothing symbolic about this fine place. Its just
that I was driving through when this contrasting idea came to me.


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