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the White Stone
page 27
How to do the practice
We breathe in with the first part of Jesus Name ...JE
and we breathe out
with ...SUS...
We concentrate in a relaxed way on the movement of our breath. We follow
His Name and we become absorbed in it.
If we do this practice at quiet times and also while doing simple things in our
daily life we will begin to have some experiences that are outside our normal
range. We can experience calmness and deep concentration. There can be
lights and sharper perception and understandings will come to us. This is
Most of what we experience in our practice is created by who or what we
already are (inherent). In the image of God we are a stripped down and
complete version of the whole. With everything included.
We use Jesus Name because it is something that comes in from outside of us.
That is important. It is a gift. It will become our pathway. In this we are not
going to be the doers. And because of this we can break the chains that we
build for ourselves and which limit our greater understanding. We also make an
alliance with His Name because it is something that has strength and power
and is truthful. It is a Name and process that we can trust.


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