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the White Stone
page 28
If we are able to do some genuine time with this practice and start to get some
experience of ‘calmness’ or being ‘more awake’ we will after a while get a sense
of a new and underlying ‘attention’ that exists. It is clear and outside of our
usual way of seeing things. It is a kind of vibrant ‘presence’. We have to feel for
it at first. It is in fact always there but we need to sense it out and at the same
time allow it to come forward a bit. This ‘presence’ does not rely on us being
calm. It exists in all states of mind. But we can find it more easily when
everything around us is settled down and at ease.
When we find it, this ‘presence’, we need to try and hold it and be in it.
The experience of this ‘presence’ that we will call ‘Awareness’ is the genuine
starting point of the practice of the White Stone.


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