the White Stone - Page 31

the White Stone
page 31
magine now a limitless ball of white light, the centre of everything.
His Majesty Lord God of all things. God without form and with all
power. We are born from there. A small spark, a small ‘i’ which is a tiny
fraction of the Great ‘I AM’ casts itself off. Is it given, or do we somehow
chose it? I just don’t know. But this spark will grow and become us. It is both
capable of self determination and at the same time it is bound to corruption
the longer it stays away from the source of light.(*8)
Like the days of Eden we choose self knowledge and separation from the
greater ‘I AM’. We divide off to left and right. Good and bad. Right and
wrong. We create our vision of the world in polarity. But its not such a bad
thing. We learn about ourselves. Our sense of self gives us enough distance
from the vastness to learn. Its a temporary grace. We can keep up our barriers
and resistance in life but when we die our devotion and awareness is all we
have left. We need to work on this and we can not do it alone.
Only by choice and free will do we have the chance in time to reflect back to
Him the Glory and wonder of His Creation.
Only in this way, by our free choice, may He experience Himself through us.
This is what we can do. This is our worship and praise.
How does it feel to be present in awareness? It feels like being absolutely
awake in the experience of Life.


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