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the White Stone
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By the gift of Jesus life we find a pathway home... because somewhere along
the line we do get lost....we forget and wander off in a dream, without cares,
like we will live forever.
Maybe there are things that stand in our way. Real things. Harsh things. That
makes it a real battle. We can no longer be indifferent. This is our evolution.
We need to wake up.
In a way, from when we are young, we make something in ‘aposition’. This
word ‘aposition’ does not really exist but it means here ‘a stance away from
our greater conscious Self ’. It is in slight opposition and slightly removed.
Aposition. We create it and it is our image of ourselves. It can be flexible or
rigid. It just depends. We already have morality and a sense of good and bad.
We have commandments to give us a code to function in the World. Humans
mostly lean towards being generous and good, at least from where our basic
needs are fulfilled. Of course there are exceptions.
And the unconscious? Like it was a great place of darkness? I don’t think so.
There are dark things there for sure. But it is also a sea of light with all the
power to wipe out our fragile sense of ‘i’. We build our barriers to protect
ourselves from that as much as anything. Its a great adventure that we go on,
into life, but at some point we need to stop and face the other way. We need
to think about coming back. Somehow it is just so easy to forget. We get
distracted and carried away. Or maybe everything around is just too difficult.
For whatever reason we rarely chose to look at things like this.


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