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the White Stone
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Small actions actually build our sense of small self to left and right, for good
and ill. From time to time we may do something that goes against our code and
this becomes something more solid, even a concrete part of our aposition. We
are equally affected by things done to us. These things are harder to dissolve.
This is all reinforced with memory and emotion. We protect it too. Who we are.
If it gets hurt we feel it. The bigger it gets the more nervous we become. We can
also become rigid and inflexible. Who we are is much more than this.
When we accept our actions as complete we dig them in and they become a part
of ‘us’. If there is some regret or forgiveness there it can still be soft. Not quite
set. Too much passion, hurt to others, many many, in fact chose your own. All
these things add into our image of who we are. The practice of the name of
God will purify in a relative sense the things that bind us even though, in the
absolute sense, they are not real. From the beginning we are and always were
perfect in God. And yet. We suffer. There is something to be done.
So we just begin. His Holy Name upon and beneath our breath.
A little bit of theoretical understanding can be helpful, some guidelines. All of
us needs to be satisfied, including our critical mind. (discerning Wisdom). It can
also be useful to have something to interpret what we experience. Some kind of
It is important to remember that all we are doing is calling the name of Jesus. As
simple as that.


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