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Times to practice
Before going to sleep is a good time.
Lying on your back in a quiet environment breathe and remember His Name.
This practice may bring more clarity to dreams.
As you wake in the morning is a perfect time, before getting up.
If you wake up an hour before the alarm. That is a good time. Your mind
will be clear and rested.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, about 4 am, wedge yourself
upright and do some breathing.
Then go back to sleep. You will have interesting dreams. In some traditions it
was considered normal to do this, not to sleep all the way through the night.
If you are sitting and waiting for 10 minutes, tune in.
Sit on a chair or back straight for a formal session from time to time. (*9)
If it pleases you to sit in a traditional posture for meditation that is good too.
Try to be present sometimes in walking.
Gradually integrate this breathing practice into your daily life, inclusive and
not something separate.
There is no need to talk to anyone about it, it is your silent practice that will
bring you closer to your essential nature. There will be experiences.
Understandings will come to you.
Collect these and cherish them as signs that the practice is working. But in
due course we need to let these go. Otherwise they will choke our practice.
What we are doing is simply to be present in His Name. There is no self
directed goal of self fulfillment.


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