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the White Stone
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NOTE (*9). formal session from time to time. Doing formal meditation sessions are
important but not the main thing perhaps. Good body posture helps and corresponds
with our breath and energy patters and so will help our practice. Yoga and body
movement too. Carrying it out into our moving life is more of a challenge and more
real. We probably need a bit of both.
What is meditation then?
There are a lot of forms of meditation out there. Masses of them. Some have a
heavy cultural leaning. Some ask you to hand over everything you’ve got in
exchange for salvation. There’s a lot of smoke out there (*10). I would not want
to trust anything that did not put the responsibility firmly in the hands of the
individual. We have everything that we need to walk our path. Nothing is missing.
Maybe we just need that ‘click’ to get started and remember.
This is not for everyone. Really. Maybe we have some curiosity left that hasn’t
been killed off by the ignorance that surrounds us. We don’t need ‘spiritual’ (*11)
either, whatever that is. We need real. We can learn from everything. It all counts.
But the steps we take are our own. At all times we navigate with our own
This is not an easy practice. Also because its so stripped back. There’s no
ceremony, there’s nothing to show. Its just you. Day by day. A bit at a time. You
leave it, you forget it, maybe you come back. You discover it for yourself. What is
written here is just guidelines. Its just a beginning. There is a lot more to be
discovered. This is just one small step over the starting line.


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