the White Stone - Page 37

the White Stone
page 37
NOTES (*10). smoke out there. Have any of us ever been exploited by people
who tell us they have great knowledge? Yes we have. We all have to be very
careful and not naive. Test and use wise judgement. Some teachers have behaved
very poorly to their students. The responsibility is with each and every one of
us. We do not throw ourselves away. Bright lights and smoke can be deceptive.
(*11). ‘spiritual’. The word ‘ spiritual’ and how it is used is in question here. We
can all go to the farthest stars and dance with departed spirits if we really want
to. And see the moon rise over Jupiter and see penguins in our dreams. It means
no more than anything else. Everything in all the universes is within the scope of
our experience. We can have ‘far out’ experiences but should we believe this
makes us ‘special’ or ‘spiritual’? Or that we are more evolved than anyone else?
We cant afford to get all pumped up about it. Its the amount of presence that is
important, not the content of the experience. Enough of this ‘spiritual’. The
same awareness is present when we eat dead rats from the gutter.


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