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the White Stone
page 38
This practice certainly wont suddenly make everything perfect. Coming to
terms with the difficulties of living is as much a part of the practice. Also trying
to create an imaginary ideal world to hide away in is bound to let us down.
The way of Jesus is to be present with Him in both good and bad times. Our
Lord Jesus faced immeasurable trails and suffering. We know that to be true.
This is not a cold path or one that is built only on mental construction or
idealism. It is, as ever, a path of trust, faith and love. This always was the heart of
His teaching and it always will be. We practice His Name and he is our Ally in
good and hard times and in some way we can absorb a tiny fraction of Him.
I don’t really get messages from God. I know some people do and their life is
directed. I don’t know about that. All I know is that in my gift of life I have my
own judgement and awareness and intelligence to act. It is part of my gift of free
will. We are the officers on the ground and we are delegated to act skillfully for
the benefit of all beings. Not necessarily in a big or grand way, but in a small way.
Day to day. And we have a choice to work on our consciousness a bit. Nor do I
get instructions or biblical revelations. I wish that I did. That would make it a
whole lot easier. I do however feel under what I can only call an ‘imperative’ to
write stuff down. I look around and I see the need for something more real.
Seriously, it would be much easier to shut up and say nothing. The responsibility
here is not easy. False teaching, leading Souls astray. I apologize for any wrong
doing or distress that I cause. I pray for forgiveness from Spirits and Guardian
protectors that I offend. I pray that my Lord Jesus will keep me safe.
I have made lots of my own mistakes too in my pursuit as well, especially by
pushing for experiences and trying to create a place where I can avoid pain. A
kind of secret land. So easy for someone like me to push for that.


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