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the White Stone
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Thats all really. There is no real secret here except in actually doing it. It is
literally hidden in plain view, self secret, like the little white stone on the beach, a
gift from God, untouched by human hand. As close as your breath.
All there is to do is pick it up.
This teaching will release our heart and Soul into it’s natural and real condition
where we can be truly free. Do not choke it though, give it some space. If we
choke it, it doesn’t work.
This teaching is not designed to negate or contest the established views of
contemporary Christianity. That kind of opposition is really not necessary.
It is perfectly possible just to walk on past. Take what is good and walk on by.
Walk on by.
It is also a practice that is a middle way in that it walks around the polarization of
good and evil. It’s focus is simply Awareness in the Word of God.
This can be and should be a secret practice. There is no need to talk about it,
there is no gathering, no society, no obvious community, no church. We are
within the Name of Jesus. That is all. There are no meetings, but all are
If you are in a dangerous place, if you are oppressed by cultural or religious
dogma where to admit that you are Christian could cause you danger - then bury
it deep in your heart where no one can find it. It is undetectable and no one
needs to know.
There are no words, there are no prayers, there is nothing to see, nothing to
assert or deny. It’s just you.


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