the White Stone - Page 4

the White Stone
page 4
his is the introduction to the meditation practice called ‘the
White Stone of our Lord Jesus Christ’.
I started writing these books some six years ago and began to practice this
meditation a while before that. Its taken quite a few attempts. The first time
it was short and simple, the second a lot more complicated. Longer too,
with a lot of developing ideas. Version two was written in a way that I
hoped it would be taken seriously. So the language was a bit blown up. I
tried to make it somewhere between scripture and literature. On the next
attempt I wrote it so that somebody reading it might actually understand it.
I have made it from here on a bit more ‘plain English’ (*1). I think it makes
it clearer and more immediate. I hope it works. This combined version goes
a lot further than before and I have also stripped back some bits of it that
were unnecessary or a bit vague (waffle).
I have put Notes as best I can near to their places in the text so that the
reader doesn’t have to go hunting around. The notes are sometimes quite
important for being a bit sharper (caustic). A different voice.
NOTE (*1). plain English. Sometimes I have put a more specific (definitive)
word in brackets after.


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