the White Stone - Page 40

the White Stone
page 40
To offer up the moment
‘Reflect back to Him the Glory and wonder of His Creation’.
Maybe there was a time when you and a companion climbed a mountain and
you looked out from the top... across the wide open landscape, the lakes and
trees, the blue sea lit by sunshine, the distant grey mountains shrouded in mist.
And it was very beautiful. It was greater too for being shared. A shared
Now how would it be if it was just you on that mountain?
Who would you like to share it with ?
Maybe you have a quiet moment of contentment. All seems well.
Share this moment in the presence of the Word.
Offer it back.
Offer it back in awareness to the principle of Creation.
How was it then ? How did it feel ?
If you are ok with that try it with something a little harder. Something gritty.


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