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the White Stone
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Jesus did not teach about the crucifixion.
Jesus taught at the level that the people around Him were able to understand. To
love your neighbour and our Father in Heaven. He taught with parables and He
healed the sick and raised the dead. He gave blessings to those who could receive
them. The people around Him were specially blessed.(*12) He was and is the
living Word.
How would it be to walk with Him and be with Him? To have that kind of
strength right there next to you. All the time. For counsel. For friendship. To
laugh with even. As if you were one of His close ones.
Maybe this practice of the White Stone with His Name can bring us near to this.
That is the hope. The White Stone is about His life, not His death.
As we continue in our practice we will probably come to realize that it is not
necessarily the historical Jesus that we will meet. Thats not to say, who knows. His
power and majesty is for us mostly in the white light of consciousness that arises
inside and out. And the small things of life too. The day to day. We are still very
much human beings. But we can experience Him as well. We know His Name. He
is present in everything.
NOTE (*12). were specially blessed. The disciples only later perhaps began to
understand who they were standing next to. How would it feel to stand next to the
greatest incarnation of God and share a bottle of fizzy water ? We will be with Him
in the good and bad times, the sad moments in life, in grief and in sorrow.


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