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the White Stone
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Developing Practices
Whoever we are, lets start with not everything being not quite as good as it
could be. In our lives we have learnt to spot problems. And then do something
about them. Make life easier. We can see that there is a lot of suffering around.
Our own and other people’s. There’s plenty more to go around. But for now, it’s
about us.
Some of us have doubts about Christianity. Some of us are cynical about all
religions, dogmas and what we see is obvious hypocrisy. Some people have been
burnt by religion. Literally. Others believe in the teaching of the Christ but need
more. There are many reasons for and against. Naturally, quite a few people will
find this writing hard to accept. Even heretic. Get ready for that. Please believe
me when I say its not just about ideas and persuasion. It is not religion. More
about being active and finding something real for ourselves. But we can’t just sit
this one out. Its not a gentle river cruise. Its our responsibility by whatever
means we choose, not necessarily this one.
The Name Jesus has power. Let’s trust, based on his historical life, that Jesus was
at the very least a great Teacher and maybe a whole lot more. How much more?
So at the same time as seeking our own peace and satisfaction, let’s make an
alliance with Him. We do this by repeating His Name. We establish a connection
with His energy. We choose Him as our Ally. Allow it, if you will, that He has
power where we do not. Open the door a little bit. He is also a great protector.


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