the White Stone - Page 45

the White Stone
page 45
As we sit in a comfortable position, with even breathing, we imagine a clear
white spark in the centre of our being breaks out and causes a small white fire.
As we use the name ‘Jesus’ on both the inbreath and outbreath, this small fire
gets stronger in the way that fire does with wind. The white at the centre
becomes brighter and more intense and there is a sound of crispness and
Imagine now dark pieces of wood and coal which we are going to add to this
fire. This fuel for the fire is made up of all the things, attitudes, obstructions,
pain and fearsome trouble that we would like to get rid of in order to become
clearer in our awareness. The fuel, like wood, is dark, even black.
Bit by bit we add this material to the fire and continue to fan the flames. The fire
will increase and become fiercer as the fuel is consumed. The core of the fire is
intensely white, the dark wood eaten up by the heat of combustion. There is
smoke and flames and colours and sound. Strange things fizzle out in all
directions, like fireworks exploding. Angry things with no name. The intensity
and heat of the fire becomes stronger, even critical. The intense white core and
the breath which carries the name ‘Jesus’. We should not be limited in our
In this way the name of Jesus on our breath is acting as purification of the
things that divide us from His presence.
We continue with this for a while. As we finish the fire will die down. Even so it
is safe. Some ‘presence’ can remain and this fire can be brought back to life
whenever we want to.


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