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the White Stone
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This practice is a great purification.
In a total (absolute) sense nothing about us needs to be changed.
Also our aposite self is perfect within its own imagination. We are
not attacking that in any way. And yet. There is something to be
done. There are other things that affect us.. The white fire of Lord
Jesus can help clear our way a bit so we can see a bit more. Its not
about change, its more about becoming clearer. More awake.
What exactly do we want to work on with this purification practice?
In time and in life we take on influences, attitudes and views that don’t belong to us.
Some from childhood. Some forced on us in a deliberate way. Thats a kind of
violence. Some of it is just ignorance. Some things come to us from our culture and
tradition. There can be comforting beliefs too, that we have grown out of and can
be got rid of. There will be trouble (weight) left over from the past actions of our
family too, passed down from one generation to the next. Nobody seems to be able
to escape this last one.
We also have traumas and bad experiences that have hurt us. For some people
terrible things have happened. We carry a lot in who we are.
Also we can run into opposition when we try to walk a path that is true. Again,
something outside of us. Maybe we need some protection. We cant believe that
everything in this life is kind and wishes us well. If we have cracks and faults then
trouble will try and find us. It will try and squeeze through. Especially if we are
It is this and the causes of this that we want to purify. It will help us to connect with
our awareness and presence which has become coated (overlaid). Underneath we are
as strong (vital) as ever. Even so, go gently. This practice can stir things up.


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