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the White Stone
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We can have many kinds of experiences. Sometimes difficult things come up
too. For example, strong emotions. Anger, fear, sadness. Or their opposite. A
great sense of happiness, crazy joy. Also vivid dreams. All experiences of clarity
(lucidity) and heightened awareness are signs that our practice is working. We are
moving towards a more fluid state, something more subtile on the spectrum,
turning it around (from the process of aggregation). The point of experiences,
and this is hard to learn, is the increased presence, not the experience itself
which can catch us by making us feel special. This bit is really not very easy. We
long to feel special. This is not something we can add to our ‘small self ’ CV
either, as if it was something we have achieved. Good experiences have to be set
free just as much as dark ones. We are not the doers in this case.
Bright dreams catch us, they are exciting and seductive. The process of waking
within your dream, i.e so called ‘lucid dreaming’ is not about what we dream but
the amount of ‘presence’ there. How awake we are in the dream. I fall for this
one again and again. I am seduced by bright dreams.
This is the same ‘presence’ that we seek in our daily practice. How does it feel to
be present in ‘awareness’? It feels like being absolutely alive in the experience of
We do our practice and try to bring it into our everyday life. Bit by bit. We
remember, we forget. We leave it for days and weeks. Who knows. Over a bit of
time it all adds up.


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