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the White Stone
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Gradually, from our practice, we begin to learn about our other, greater heart.
We begin to get an understanding of where it is. We know that there is
something real (tangible) there. We can feel it. We are still the one who is
watching. That hasn’t changed yet. Our practice of Jesus Name has given us
something solid too and the kind of relationship with Him that we can
understand. Almost as if we chose it. It fits us perfectly. It does not restrict us in
any way.
Bearing in mind that our small ‘i’ is a temporary (transient) player we might like
to start gently moving our weight back towards the centre. As if we were sitting
on a tree branch. Gently though. We don’t go at our practice in a hard way. That
would be like sawing off the branch we are sitting on it. Be kind. We need all of
us. Our personal imagination too. That rich and exotic ornament that we have
built over years. We don’t need to throw that away. So a gradual transfer. That’s
what we want. If our fate allows it then over years, not months or days.
We will not live forever. We know that. So its good to get on with something. So
I believe. I can’t just accept that heaven only comes to me when I die. Maybe
devotion and a good life does give us enough grace in death. I don’t know.
Whatever happens I pray that our Lord will be there to guide me.


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