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So how personal should this text be?
When I started I wanted it to be a bit like a Buddhist text. Where the
importance is with the actual practice. And the belief is that the writer has a
level of realization. Buddhist texts, particularly Dzogchen (*2 a/b), are a
strong part of my background. But in the end its not much like any of those.
Personal experience, my past, my passions, my darkness, my day to day stuff,
all of it is an important part of the picture. We all struggle. Its a day to day
practice. Also its not a Buddhist text because it is unique to the Name of
Jesus. As you will see. But the principle of working to find out who we are is
strongly there too. It is not a passive thing either. What we get will be unique
to each and every one of us and our experiences and understandings will be
Its hard to find a true path of meditation(*3). To do it properly needs time,
concentration and sticking at it. We have been taught and know the life of
Jesus. His compassion, His healing, His fierceness in truth, His death and
overcoming. When we are in trouble we want to be with Him because he
saves us. He is strong, gentle, kind and forgiving. We know what He looks
like. We want to be with Him in the warmth of his love. Forever. When we
understand where we want to be we can take steps to get there.


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