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the White Stone
page 50
I once saw what is called ‘the clear light of Reality’. For a second, before I had
to pull back in absolute terror. There are no words. In that split second I learnt
more, I got more understanding, than a hundred thousand years of teaching.
That there is the power that generates life. Only that small perfect spark that we
set off with all that time ago, going home now in it’s own unique colours, can
survive. Together with whatever consciousness we have learnt.
Its a strange thing this. With all the work of science and human knowledge,
from the smallest split atom to the outer planets, with all the cleverness that we
have at our command ...we still don’t know what happens when we die(*13).
That’s kind of important for all of us.
NOTE (*13) When we die. There are books like ‘the Tibetan book of the dead’
and similar. These are not that well known and are considered ‘esoteric’. They
do lay out the actual process of death and the arising of the clear light of
‘Reality’, the opportunity for recognition and the following in between states
(bardo). More on this later in this book.


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