the White Stone - Page 51

the White Stone
page 51
Up to this point are the early instructions for the book of the White Stone.
To the stream and to the bridge.
but I can go no further
but I will leave you here to cross
in your own time.
A stone bridge, long and flat and even
in the distance the Great lands with tall
mountains and high flying birds.
Are they calling? Do you hear them call?
The call is sharp and clear
you will never be alone
the air is calm and still
there is no sadness in leaving
the plains before you are lit by the evening sun
the tall grass and meadow flowers
your heart is steady in the duty of our Lord
you will never be alone
all things increase
accelerated far beyond the meagre logic of men
was there ever such even contentment?
the vast sea
the open sky
the wind across the barley
you will never be alone
Did our True Lord come and find you?
did He ever let you down?
a drop of dew
all the reflections of this World
the sky, refracted light, the stars,
the laughter of the moon
the sun will rise and so will come to pass
that all of this will fade away
yet still remains, primal awareness
one, this I, among so many grains of sand
each one precious, known by name
by the Lord of all
Blessed indeed is the Name of
He who walks before me.
Jesus Christ.


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